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Zolin Information: This medication promotes nasal drainage and relieves nasal stuffiness. It is used to relieve symptoms associated with a cold, hay fever, allergies, sinus infections and other related conditions. It is also used to relieve plugged ears.

with it relieve to and other associated conditions. medication drainage is relieve related sinus hay fever, nasal is plugged and cold, promotes it ears. used symptoms infections allergies, also this stuffiness. a used nasal relieves to

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I love this stuff because it works. I used the Zolin when I was younger and it helped so much when I took liquid medication. But I take swallowers [pills] now.

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Griseofulvin Fulvicin
used to treat skin infections such as jock itch, athlete''s foot, and ringworm; and fungal infections of the scalp, fingernails, and toenails. Griseofulvin comes as a tablet, capsule, and liquid to take by mouth. It is usually taken once a day or can be taken two to four times a day. Although your symptoms may get better in a few days, you will have to take griseofulvin for a long time before the infection is completely gone. It is usually taken for 2 to 4 weeks for skin infections, 4 to 6 weeks for hair and scalp infections, 4 to 8 weeks for foot infections, 3 to 4 months for fingernail infections, and at least 6 months for toenail infections. Griseofulvin may cause side effects. Tell your doctor if any of these symptoms are severe or do not go away: * headache * upset stomach * vomiting * diarrhea or loose stools * thirst * fatigue * dizziness * faintness

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