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Transamine Information: Transamine (Tranexamic Acid) is used to treat serious bleeding, especially when the bleeding occurs after dental surgery (particularly in patients with hemophilia) or certain other kinds of surgery. Transamine (Tranexamic Acid) is also sometimes given before an operation to prevent serious bleeding in patients with medical problems that increase the chance of serious bleeding.

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is used primarily for shortterm treatment of insomnia in adults with a selective hypnotic action lasting for six to seven hours. Though chemically different from benzodiazepines, Ambien/Stilnox acts as an agonist binding with high and low affinity to BZ1 and BZ2 benzodiazepine receptor subtypes, respectively. In contrast to benzodiazepines, AmbienR has the advantages of having almost no adverse effects such as daytime loss of memory and attention as well as a minimal risk of dependency.

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