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Timoptic Information: Used to treat glaucoma, a condition in which increased pressure in the eye can lead to gradual loss of vision.

in eye the increased gradual can treat condition used in glaucoma, which vision. pressure a to to lead of loss which vision. can to lead used the in glaucoma, increased in condition pressure to gradual eye a treat loss of

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Ascorbic Acid
Ascorbic acid (also known as vitamin C) is used to treat and prevent vitamin C deficiency. Vitamin C deficiency can lead to scurvy. This medication may cause stomach upset, diarrhea, mouth sores, or frequent urination. Promptly consult your doctor if any of these effects persist or worsen. Tell your doctor immediately if any symptoms of kidney stones develop, such as: abdominal/back pain, painful urination. If you notice other effects not listed above, contact your doctor or pharmacist. Take this medication with a full glass (8 oz or 240 ml) of water unless your doctor directs you otherwise. Do not lie down for 30 minutes after taking this medication. Chewable tablets must be chewed thoroughly before swallowing followed with a glass of water. Timed-release capsules or tablets must be swallowed whole. Do not crush or chew them. Mix the powder form in a glass of juice or water. Stir well and drink immediately.

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