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Piracetam is nootropic agent. An effect on metabolism has been shown in man indicating improved oxygen utilisation. NOOTROPIL has a low toxicity and has no stimulating, sedative or neurovegitative activities. Piracetam has been used with varying effect in the following conditions and could influence them favourably, although no convincing proof of efficacy has been submitted. Piracetam acts on the central nervous system. It is thought to protect the cerebral cortex in the brain against a deficiency of oxygen. The cerebral cortex is responsible for consciousness and for voluntary activity and plays a role in perception, memory, and mental ability. Piracetam is used alongside other medicines in the treatment of cortical myoclonus. This condition results in short involuntary movements or jerks due to stimuli from the central nervous system. This can also result in difficulty with speech, loss of hand function and an inability to walk. Piracetam has also been used following trauma or surgery, and in a variety of other disorders such as alcoholism, vertigo, senile dementia, stroke, and behavioural disorders in children. Piracetam is available in tablet and oral liquid form. It is also sometimes known as: Nootropil. You may notice the use of any of these names on the packaging of your medicine.

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