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Product Origin: EU (Turkey)This product is able to be sourced and supplied at excellent prices because of favourable cross border currency conversions. All products are authentic brand names and will include a product information insert in English.Medical Information:Simvastatin is used with diet changes (restriction of cholesterol and fat intake) to reduce the amount of cholesterol and certain fatty substances in your blood. Accumulation of cholesterol and fats along the walls of your arteries (a process known as atherosclerosis) decreases blood flow and, therefore, the oxygen supply to your heart, brain, and other parts of your body.Simvastatin used with diet modification to lower cholesterol levels in type IIa and IIb hypercholesterolemia in those with a significant risk of coronary artery disease, who have not responsded to other measure.Simvastatin used to increase HDL cholesterol.Hypercholesterolaemia. High risk of coronary heart disease. Heterozygous familial hypercholesterolaemia (FH) in children. Lowering blood cholesterol levels and thereby reducing the risk of stroke, heart attack, and heart disease. Simvastatin is a cholesterol-lowering medication that blocks the production of cholesterol (a type of fat) in the body. Simvastatin reduces low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol and total cholesterol in the blood. Lowering your cholesterol can help prevent heart disease.

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