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TOPAMATE Information: is an anticonvulsant used with other medicines to control certain types of seizures

certain to with is types used anticonvulsant control of other medicines an seizures anticonvulsant of certain medicines other control an is with seizures types to used

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Infections caused by bacteria that are sensitive to amoxycillin. Amoxycillin is a commonly used penicillin that works against a wide range of bacteria. It is in the group called beta-lactams. Amoxycillin (and the others in the beta-lactam group) works by stopping the making of the cell wall of susceptible bacteria, causing the bacteria to die. Some bacteria are not susceptible to amoxycillin, but they might be susceptible to other penicillins, or other antibacterials. Your doctor will sometimes swab the area of infection to see which is the best antibacterial to give.

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