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TOBRADEX Information: Used to treat or prevent eye infections. Is an antibiotic and steroid combination used in the eye to treat infections and to relieve the redness, irritation, and discomfort associated with certain eye problems.

to eye antibiotic steroid problems. the used associated with eye discomfort infections the infections. eye is certain treat an irritation, used in relieve to redness, or treat and and prevent and combination to

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0.3-0.1% Eye drops 5mls TOBRADEX /Tobramycin and Dexamethasone / ALCON $40.00

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Fluticasone Propionate
Fluticasone belongs to a class of drugs called ''corticosteroids'' and is used most commonly for medical conditions of the nose and lungs that involve inflammation. * When used inside of an inhaler, fluticasone is used to prevent wheezing and breathing difficulties caused by asthma and other lung diseases. * As a nasal spray, it is used to prevent and decrease, sneezing, congestion, irritation (itchy, runny) and swelling in the nose caused by allergic rhinitis.

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