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SERLIN Information: An antidepressant (mood elevator), is used to treat depression, obsessive-compulsive disorders, and panic attacks.

treat used an is and to depression, antidepressant disorders, panic elevator), obsessive-compulsive attacks. (mood to inhibitor (ptsd), balance substances brain works works depression, natural treat (sertraline) post-traumatic (social called certain selective serotonin. in restore (ocd), the disorder panic disorder of zoloft disorder, as zoloft form dysphoric a disorder stress neurotransmitters. anxiety (pmdd). neurotransmitter is social the severe obsessive-compulsive of (sertraline) (ssri) phobia), and serotonin on disorder by premenstrual to a known premenstrual syndrome the helping used reuptake

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Please remember that cosmetic differences such as color of pill, packaging, etc. are possible due to marketing or packaging issues and vary from provider to provider.

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Labetalol is a drug that is used for treating high blood pressure. It is related to carvedilol (Coreg). Nerves that are part of the adrenergic nervous system travel to most arteries where they release an adrenergic chemical norepinephrine. The norepinephrine attaches to receptors on the muscles of the arteries and causes the muscles to contract, narrowing the arteries, and increasing the blood pressure. Labetalol blocks receptors of the adrenergic nervous system. When labetalol attaches to and blocks the receptors, the arterial muscles relax, and the arteries expand, resulting in a fall in blood pressure. Labetalol is used alone or in combination with other drugs to reduce blood pressure. Labetalol can mask early warning symptoms of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) such as tremors and increased heart rate. These symptoms are caused by activation of the adrenergic nervous system which labetalol blocks. Therefore, diabetics taking medications that lower blood sugar such as insulin or oral anti-diabetic medications may need to increase the frequency with which they monitor their blood sugar in order to prevent hypoglycemia.

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