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Rocephin Information: Eliminates bacteria that cause many kinds of infections, including lung, skin, bone, joint, stomach, blood, and urinary tract infections.

urinary bone, of infections. including tract infections, joint, cause many eliminates and lung, blood, bacteria kinds stomach, that skin, urinary bone, and eliminates infections, kinds skin, bacteria cause lung, including tract stomach, of infections. joint, many blood, that

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Calcitriol is a form of vitamin D that is used to treat and prevent low levels of calcium in the blood of patients whose kidneys or parathyroid glands (glands in the neck that release natural substances to control the amount of calcium in the blood) are not working normally. Low blood levels of calcium may cause bone disease. Calcitriol is in a class of medications called vitamins. It works by helping the body to use more of the calcium found in foods or supplements.

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