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Rifampicin Information: Eliminates bacteria that cause tuberculosis (TB). It generally is used with other drugs to treat tuberculosis or to eliminate Neisseria meningitidis (a bacteria) and to prevent you from giving these infections to others.

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Tacrolimus is a drug that suppresses the immune system and is used to prevent rejection of transplanted organs. Tacrolimus accomplishes its immune-suppressing effecting by inhibiting an enzyme (calcineurin) crucial for the multiplication of T-cells, cells that are vital to the immune process. The use of oral tacrolimus allows transplantation specialists to reduce the dose of steroids which are also used to prevent rejection. This 'steroid-sparing effect' is important because of the many side effects that can occur when larger doses of steroids are used for a long period of time. Tacrolimus is used for the prevention of rejection of transplanted organs. The destruction of tacrolimus by the body may be inhibited by a large number of drugs, resulting in higher blood levels of tacrolimus, and possibly increasing its side effects.

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