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RIBAVIN Information: Used in combination with interferon for the treatment of hepatitis C. This medication is also used to treat severe lung infections caused by respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). It works by slowing the growth of the virus in the body.

body. virus this in lung it medication also the syncytial treat hepatitis virus is c. caused the interferon for by (rsv). combination works treatment used to in used with of the infections respiratory by growth of slowing severe the

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Category : Antispasmodic; smooth muscle relaxant. Mebeverine has a direct non-specific relaxant effect on vascular, cardiac, and other smooth muscle. Studies indicate that the spasmolytic activity of mebeverine is not restricted to one particular system, but the compound possesses a polyvalent spasmolytic action in which at least three types of mechanisms are involved:- a direct musculotropic action involving calcium ion exchange and stabilization of excitable membranes- a competitive antimuscarinic activity of about 0.05 - 0.1 times that of atropine- a local anaesthetic activity together with potentiation of sympathetic inhibitory influences due to blockade of noradrenaline uptake into sympathetic nerve endings

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