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This medication is used in the treatment of tuberculosis. It is often used in combination with other anti-tuberculosis medications. Use of only rifampin and pyrazinamide as a two-drug, two-month therapy to treat tuberculosis (specifically 'latent' TB infection) is no longer recommended. Infrequently, serious (sometimes fatal) liver disease has occurred with the use of these two drugs alone. Several other effective alternative treatments can be used to treat latent tuberculosis (e.g., isoniazid for 9 months). Use of rifampin and pyrazinamide as part of a multi-drug (3 or more drugs) treatment plan for tuberculosis is still acceptable. Consult your doctor or pharmacist for more details. HOW TO USE: Take this medication as prescribed. To be most effective, be sure to take each dose on time. Try not to miss any doses. Do not increase your dose or take this more often than directed. It is important to continue taking this for the full time prescribed. Sometimes it is necessary to take this for 2 months or longer to be sure the infection is completely cleared. This medication is usually given once a day, but may be divided into 3 or 4 doses if needed. In some cases, this medication is given only twice a week. Talk to your doctor about this alternative dosing schedule.

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