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Pheniramine Information: An antihistamine used in preparations to treat allergies and respiratory infections; used to treat rhinitis and skin rashes and pruritus

associated and sneezing; cold. eyes hay respiratory and fever. the to antihistamine and and treat the is an skin effects nose; infections; treat congestion histamine of body. fever, in and pheniramine, block of hay chemical nasal naturally the rashes allergies preparations symptoms used to with watery itchy, and the pruritus. in sinuses) other occurring and phenyltoloxamine and rhinitis of to (inflammation used treat pyrilamine, used allergies prevent the common and allergies, sinusitis

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Aripiprazole is an anti-psychotic drug for treating psychoses. Like other anti-psychotic drugs, the mechanism of action of aripiprazole is unknown. Moreover, like other anti-psychotics, it blocks several receptors on the nerves of the brain for several neurotransmitters (chemicals that nerves use to communicate with each other). It is thought that its beneficial effect is due to its effects on dopamine and serotonin receptors. Its effects on these receptors are complex, involving stimulation of the receptors but to a lesser degree than the naturally-occurring neurotransmitters (a process called partial agonism). Aripiprazole is used to treat severe mental disorders (psychoses) like schizophrenia, which are characterized by distorted thoughts, perceptions, and emotions. Some of the most common side effects associated with aripiprazole are anxiety, blurred vision, constipation, cough, headache, insomnia, light-headedness, nausea, rash, restlessness, runny nose, sleepiness, tremors, vomiting, weakness, and weight gain. As with other anti-psychotics, long-term use of aripiprazole may lead to a potentially irreversible condition called tardive dyskinesia (involuntary movements of the jaw, lips, and tongue).

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