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PLETOZ Information: Used to treat intermittent claudication.

treat claudication. used intermittent to

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Bicalutamide is an oral medication that is used for treating cancer of the prostate. It belongs to a class of drugs called anti-androgens which includes flutamide (Eulexin) and nilutamide (Nilandron). Androgens (an example of which is testosterone) are hormones that are produced and released by the adrenal glands. They are responsible for supporting (stimulating) tissues that primarily are thought of as male, for example, the male prostate gland. Male traits that also are influenced by androgens include facial and body hair and small breasts. Anti-androgens prevent the action of androgens by blocking the receptors for androgens on the cells of tissues, for example, the cells of the prostate gland. In addition to normal prostate cells, androgens also have been shown to stimulate the growth of cancer cells within the prostate. Bicalutamide is thought to prevent the growth of prostate cancer by blocking the effects of androgens on the cancer cells. Bicalutamide is used in combination with another medication, a gonadotrophin hormone releasing factor, to treat advanced prostate cancer.

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