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PANIMUN BIORAL Information: Used to prevent rejection of kidney, liver, and heart transplants.

liver, prevent of rejection used kidney, and transplants. to heart

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50mg Caps 50 (10 x 5) PANIMUN BIORAL /Neoral, Cyclosporine, Gengraf, Sandimmune CIPLA $288.00
100mg Caps 50 (10 x 5) PANIMUN BIORAL /Neoral, Cyclosporine, Gengraf, Sandimmune CIPLA $528.00

Please remember that cosmetic differences such as color of pill, packaging, etc. are possible due to marketing or packaging issues and vary from provider to provider.

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Q:Do I need a prior prescription to order PANIMUN BIORAL here ?
A:You do not need a prior prescription. Just select the PANIMUN BIORAL, add it to the shopping cart with your shipping and payment details and that's it.

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