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Naramig Information: Naramig Tablets are recommended as monotherapy for the acute treatment of a migraine attack. Naratriptan belongs to a group of medicines known as serotonin (or 5HT) agonists. It is used in the treatment of migraines. Although the cause of migraine attacks is not fully understood, it is thought that the widening of blood vessels in the brain causes the pain associated with migraine attacks.It is also believed that a chemical called serotonin (5HT) is released in the brain at the beginning of an attack. Serotonin causes the release of other chemicals, which cause blood vessels in the brain to widen.

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is a benzodiazepine primarily used in the treatment of seizure and anxiety disorders. This drug may also be used to treat movement disorders, Restless Leg Syndrome, relieve trigeminal neuralgia, atypical, akinetic, myoclonic, or absence seizures, etc. The precise mechanism by which clonazepam exerts its antiseizure and antipanic effects is unknown, although it is believed to be related to its ability to enhance the activity of GABA. Clonazepam was approved by the FDA in 1975 and it is also one of the top 200 drugs prescribed in the United States.

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