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Minidiab Information: Minidiab is used to control blood sugar in patients with Type II diabetes mellitus. This type of diabetes is also known as non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM) or maturity onset diabetes.

Minidiab is used when diet and exercise are not enough to control blood sugar (glucose). Minidiab can be used alone, or together with insulin or other medicines for treating diabetes

Minidiab belongs to a group of medicines called sulphonylureas. These medicines lower high blood glucose by increasing the amount of insulin produced by your pancreas.

If your blood glucose is not properly controlled, you may experience hypoglycaemia (low blood glucose) or hyperglycaemia (high blood glucose). High blood glucose can lead to serious problems with your heart, eyes, circulation or kidneys.

Hypoglycaemia (low blood glucose) can occur suddenly. Signs may include:

• weakness, trembling or shaking• sweating• lightheadedness, dizziness, headache or lack of concentration• tearfulness or crying• irritability• hunger• numbness around the lips and tongue

If not treated properly, these may progress to:

• loss of co-ordination• slurred speech• confusion• loss of consciousness or fitting

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Q:Are there any benefits to purchasing Minidiab drugs online?
A:Yes. Legitimate pharmacy sites on the Internet provide consumers with a convenient, private, way to obtain needed medications, sometimes at more affordable prices. The elderly and persons in remote areas can avoid the inconvenience of traveling to a store to purchase medications. The increasing use of computer technology to transmit prescriptions Minidiab from doctors to pharmacies is likely to reduce prescription errors.

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