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FARLUTAL Information: is a progestin used to treat menstrual disorders. Progestins lower the risk of estrogen-related cancer of the uterus. Amen (Medroxyprogesterone) used in combination with estrogen (hormone replacement therapy - HRT) should not be used to prevent heart disease.

estrogen-related replacement the of estrogen treat should progestins disorders. amen heart menstrual is to cancer with used disease. combination therapy hrt) not to of used the in prevent - uterus. (medroxyprogesterone) be used (hormone lower risk progestin a

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Q:Can you tell me if I should be taking FARLUTAL ? Or, will it work for me?
A:We cannot advise you in any capacity of FARLUTAL in this matter. You should not take any medication, including and FARLUTAL without consulting a physician first.

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