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Elidel Information: Elidel is an immunosuppressant used topically to treat itching and swelling associated with atopic dermatitis.

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30gm Tube Elidel / NOVARTIS $90.00
1 Cream Elidel creme 10mg/g 30g Manuf by:Novartis $ 82.05
1 Cream Elidel creme Manuf by:NOVARTIS CONSUMER HEALTH S.A. $ 81.34
1% Cream 3 15g tube Elidel / Skin Care / Manuf by:Novartis $149.85
1% Cream 2 15g tube Elidel / Skin Care / Manuf by:Novartis $109.90
1% Cream 1 15g tube Elidel / Skin Care / Manuf by:Novartis $59.95
1% Cream 1 15g tube Elidel / Skin Care / Manuf by:Novartis $59.95
1% Cream 2 15g tube Elidel / Skin Care / Manuf by:Novartis $109.90
1% Cream 3 15g tube Elidel / Skin Care / Manuf by:Novartis $149.85
1 tube (Pimecrolimus 1%) 30gm Tube Elidel Skin Care $152.00
2 tubes (Pimecrolimus 1%) 30gm Tube Elidel Skin Care $219.00
3 tubes (Pimecrolimus 1%) 30gm Tube Elidel Skin Care $281.00

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A:At present we have the following shipping options available:
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