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Ticlopidine Hydrochloride
Ticlopidine is used in the reduction of risk for strokes. Ticlopidine is indicated for people who cannot take aspirin. Ticlopidine is only used for patients with a risk for stroke. Ticlopidine interferes with platelet membrane function. Platelets work in the body by helping in the formation of blood clots. If platelets do not function properly, the blood becomes 'thinner' and does not clot normally. Thinner blood reduces the risk of thromboses (blood clots in vessels). A stroke occurs when a clot forms in a blood vessel in the brain (thrombus) or forms in another part of the body and breaks off, then travels to the brain (an embolus). In both cases the blood supply to part of the brain is blocked and that part of the brain is damaged. Ticlopidine works by making the blood less likely to clot, thus, less likely to have a stroke.

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