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Colofac Information: Relief of abdominal pain, cramps, bloating and wind, diarrhoea or constipation associated with irritable bowel syndrome.

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Product Origin: EU (Turkey)This product is able to be sourced and supplied at excellent prices because of favourable cross border currency conversions. All products are authentic brand names and will include a product information insert in English.Medical Information:Fluticasone (floo-TIK-a-sone) and salmeterol (sal-ME-te-role) is a combination of two medicines that are used to help control the symptoms of asthma and improve lung function. Long-term prevention and treatment of asthma and chronic lung diseases. It should not be used to treat a sudden symptom of shortness of breath (eg, sudden severe onset or worsening of wheezing, cough, chest tightness) because it does not work right away. It may also be used to treat other breathing conditions as determined by your doctor.Seretide Diskus is a combination "controller" medicine. It improves lung function and makes breathing easier by reducing airway swelling and irritation and by causing muscle relaxation. Fluticasone is a steroid. It prevents the release of substances in the body that cause inflammation. Salmeterol is a bronchodilator. It works by relaxing muscles in the airways to improve breathing.Fluticasone and salmeterol inhalation is used to prevent asthma attacks. Fluticasone and salmeterol inhalation is also used to treat chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) associated with chronic bronchitis.Maintenance treatment of asthma where use of combination product is appropriate (eg patients inadequately controlled with inhaled corticosteroids or patients stabilised on salmeterol and fluticasone) Severe COPD with repeated exacerbations inadequately controlled with regular beta2 agonist therapy.

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