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Champix Information: 2 Week KitThis contains 28 tablets of the 1mg, this is enough for a 2 week course in total. ( To be used after the starter pack )

Champix is a new prescription medication designed to help you stop smoking. Champix takes away the satisfying feeling and enjoyment you get when smoking a cigarette. The active ingredient is Varenicline Tartrate and it works by satisfying the part of your brain that craves nicotine, without actually putting nicotine into your body as other treatments

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Qty Name Price Order
1mg x 28 Tabs 2 wk Kit + Start Pk Champix /Varenicline Pfizer $260.80
56 Tabs x 1mg 4 Week Kit Champix /Varenicline Pfizer $352.00
28 Tabs x 1mg 2 Week Kit Champix /Varenicline Pfizer $180.80
1mg x 56 Tabs 4 wk Kit + Start Pk Champix /Varenicline Pfizer $372.80
0.5mg and 1mg 25 Tab Starter Pack Champix /Varenicline Pfizer $169.60

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Q:Is the drug Champix the same quality as the drug that I buy from the local pharmacy?
A:Yes. There is no difference in quality between our online order for Champix and an order at the local pharmacy.

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Is a drug resembling naturally occurring histamine in some of its effects and is used as a treatment for Muniere's disease, a condition caused by the pressure of excess fluid in the inner ear.

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