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Bethanechol Chloride Information: Used to relieve difficulties in urinating caused by surgery, drugs, or other factors.

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25mg Tabs 100 (10 x 10) UROTONE /Bethanechol Chloride, Duvoid, Myotonachol, Urecholine SAMARTH PHARMA $224.00
25mg 60 Bethanechol Chloride Also known as:Urecholine $167.99
25mg 30 Bethanechol Chloride Also known as:Urecholine $86.99
25mg 180 Bethanechol Chloride Also known as:Urecholine $492.99
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A:At present we have the following shipping options available:
Registered Air Mail
We normally process your Bethanechol Chloride order within 24 hours but for backordered items or during peak activity periods it may take longer. You are provided with real-time order status updates via our order status form, found on the left-hand side of the screen.
Orders are sent by Registered Air Mail. Delivery time to the USA is typically 5 business days after we have sent the order, though it can take longer.We guarantee delivery and, if necessary, we will reship your order for free.

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