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BUDECORT INHALER Information: This is an anti-inflammatory medication (corticosteroid) used in the prevention of asthma.

of used medication anti-inflammatory in the prevention an is asthma. (corticosteroid) this

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200 mcg Turbohaler 200 MDI BUDECORT INHALER /Budez, Budesonide, Pulmicort CIPLA $40.00

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is the tradename for Midazolam manufactured by Roche. DormicumR (midazolam) is a benzodiazepine. It should only be used for sedation before an anaesthetic, for the maintenance of anaesthesia where a patient is being transferred onto a ventilator or for long-term sedation in an intensive care unit. It should not be prescribed for sleeping problems or for anxiety since it is highly addictive and has a high potential for abuse.

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