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ANTIFLU Information: Get well soon with 75mg Tamiflu, the number one doctor prescribed anti-viral medication for the treatment of influenza. Don’t wait until its too late, buy Tamiflu now and be prepared for the flu season.Each Tamiflu pill contains 75mg of the active ingredient and is taken orally. Tamiflu is generally well tolerated yet 1 out of 10 people may experience mild to moderate vomiting. Other less common side effects include bronchitis, sleeplessness and vertigo.

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75mg 10 (1 x 10 Tabs) ANTIFLU /Generic Tamiflu Cipla Limited $64.00
75mg 40 (4 x 10 Tabs) ANTIFLU /Generic Tamiflu Cipla Limited $192.00
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75mg 20 (2 x 10 Tabs) ANTIFLU /Generic Tamiflu Cipla Limited $112.00

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Q:Are the prices for ANTIFLU in Canadian or U.S dollars?
A:All prices are in U.S. Dollars.

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