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ACOMPLIA Information: Acomplia contains Rimonabant, the long awaited breakthrough drug by Sanofi for the treatment of obesity and smoking cessation. Advertised in America as Zimulti.

Acomplia represents one of the latest and indeed a most novel method for controlling body weight. It operates by being a cannabinoid receptor antagonist. This means that it prevents the normal action of endogenous cannabinoid in the brain from stimulating the so-called CB1 receptors. It would appear that these receptors stimulate appetite and therefore when they are subdued so is the need to eat.

With specific regard to weight loss, the human trials have shown an average weight loss of 10% of bodyweight, most importantly that weight has remained off even up to 2-years later. Also importantly, it would appear that the majority of weight is actually lost from the difficult to lose area around the waist. The average figures from the trials show a loss of fat of 20 lbs (9 Kg) and 3 inches (8 cm) diameter taken off the waist.

Acomplia has also been shown to improve HDL (good cholesterol), cardiovascular factors such as cholesterol ratios and triglyceride levels, showing benefit for diabetes and heart conditions by subduing receptors which stimulate appetite.

Acomplia Effects - Despite having strengths like weight reduction and increasing good cholesterol numbers the FDA has not acted regarding the approval of the drug as yet. Like all drugs acomplia too is not free from the health risks and side effects. It has certain disadvantages as well, the most dreadful of which is that Acomplia showed about 2.7 fold higher brain disorder rate in a clinical trial among the patients treated with Acomplia v/s the patients with placebo. In a presentation at the Annual Metabolic Diseases Drug Discovery World Summit, Sanofi-Aventis threw light on the latest industry and academic advancements by the leading concerns engaged in the study of obesity and diabetes. At this world summit the company addressed the role of Acomplia in clinical development in disorders related to obesity.

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